official launching of INES-BIC, 2014 Training on Incubator and Innovation Management, March 2015 in4in workshop in Rwanda, 2014 INES-Ruhengeri, Belgian TVET Support Program, IN4IN & WDA together for IPRCs Incubator and Innovation Management, March 2015 Participants applying the "Product Morphological Box" - One of innovation tools INES students in the "Learning by Doing Program" acquire entrepreneurship skills in "paper innovation"

A market assessment conducted by INES-Ruhengeri in June 2011 from 268 entrepreneurs (operating in Musanze, Rulindo and Gakenke Districts), INES faculty members and students (day, evening and weekend programs) and, governmental and private sector representatives described clearly following challenges:

  • Discrepancy in terms of what local education offers (theoretical knowledge) and what the local market demands (practice oriented knowledge).
  • Lack in business know-how of young entrepreneurs who do not comprehend the necessities of how to manage a business in a sustainable way
  • The tendency not to focus on a specific task long enough which results in a very high aversion of risk.

Specific to enterpreneurship promotion the INES-BIC (INES-Business Incubation Center) was created with support from SPARK, a Dutch organization operating in this field.